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Recover what's owed to you.

A collections service that delivers results and satisfaction for all parties.


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You are over 60% more likely to see greater returns using Ambassador for your collection needs. A partnership with us means we will fight to recover every asset owed to you like it’s our own.

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Early identification and timely placement of your Business to Business collection accounts is the key to a successful recovery.

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We understand the importance of abiding by the Fair Debit Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and we follow it to a T.

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We’ll preserve your relationships with your patients while also providing a HIPPA compliant results-driven approach to recover your lost profits.

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Is filing a suit right for you? We'll help you decide through a careful evaluation of assets, garnishments, ability, and credit reports.

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Small Business

We understand the value of every customer. We’ll tailor our recovery services so you don't lose valued customers along the way.

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Have tenants that owe you back rent or caused damage to your property? We'll take the frustration out of securing funds you're owed.

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Trained in both effective collection strategies and skip tracing, our utility collection team lets you focus your time on providing quality services.

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And More...

Have another type of debt? Our customized processes are optimized for maximum results no matter the type of recovery. 

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Need help recovering a debt? Give us a call and we'll guide you through our process of securing what’s owed to you.

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Results you deserve! Our highly trained debt collectors will secure an optimal resolution on your behalf for all of your debt collection needs.