Debt Collection Litigation

Is filing a suit right for you? We'll help you decide through a careful evaluation of

assets, garnishments, ability to pay, and credit reports.

In-House Debt Collection Litigation

If you have a major account or numerous smaller accounts from one debtor that has put you in a financial bind, seeking legal action may be the right course of action. When a debt is owed, there can be many reasons why the debtor is unable to pay, whether it be poor record keeping, a lack of funds, or just simply refusing to pay. Whatever the reason may be, if we think it’s cost effective to file a suit on your behalf, we will seek your authorization to pursue legally. Placements for litigation are decided on a per account basis through a careful evaluation of assets, garnishments, ability to pay, and credit reports.

Why Ambassador Collections?

Choosing Ambassador Collections for your debt collection litigation means you’ll receive the best guidance on your accounts with our 50+ years of experience navigating the legal process. And it’s all handled by us with our in-house litigation services. How it works is we’ll perform an extensive evaluation of your accounts to ensure that the debt you're pursuing is worth pursuing legally. We’ll analyze why they haven’t paid, how much they owe, their credit reports, and review any assets, garnishments, and more that could prove their ability to pay the debt they owe. We’ll then advise you on what steps we recommend you take next, with you having the final say on filing the suit. 

If you choose to pursue legal action, we’ll be here every step of the way. Navigating the legal process can be a bit overwhelming so we’ll do what we do best while you focus on your business. With our high success rates you’ll receive most if not all of the funds owed to you.

When you choose Ambassador Collections for your debt collection litigation needs, you’ll benefit from:

  • 50+ years knowledge of the debt collection litigation
  • In-house litigation services
  • Successful and stress-free debt recovery
  • Extensive evaluation of your accounts
  • Expert advice on best course of action

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