Utilities Debt Collections

A customized approach that includes a multitude of options for achieving

maximum recovery on your utilities accounts.

Innovative Utilities Collections

When you provide a major service such as utilities, it can be difficult to find the time or manpower to recover past due accounts. With utility companies usually not taking action until a few bills have been missed before they shut off power, past due balances can quickly add up. Not to mention the difficulty it takes to track down a debtor that has moved to a different residence from the one they owe past utility payments on. When you choose a trusted debt collection company such as Ambassador Collections, you’ll benefit from a customized approach that includes a multitude of options for achieving maximum recovery. With our utility collection services, you are able to focus your time and energy on providing your quality service. 

Why Ambassador Collections?

When it comes to utility debt collection, a variety of techniques and methods are required to ensure a successful recovery. At Ambassador Collections we understand the importance of a timely recovery and that includes using innovative collection methods, following the latest in debt collection laws, and using cost effective ways to recover your debtors’ past due balances.

Not only do we have the tools and resources to track down delinquent accounts, we are effective in skip tracing which allows us to effectively locate individuals who have moved from the address where the unpaid utilities occurred. 

When you choose Ambassador Collections for your utility collections you’ll benefit from:

  • Efficient and customized recovery services
  • Quality customer service
  • Enhanced skip tracing 
  • Maximum returns on past due accounts
  • And so much more

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